About Molly

MollyMolly MurphyNortheast Minneapolis plant-based personal chef cutting through food allergies: believer of intuition: seeker of serendipities: truster of the universe.

Molly is an old soul looking for life’s lessons in the little things, practicing gratitude, and letting herself be swept up by the current. She believes in small acts of kindness, the ability of a cuppa to heal the soul, black-and-white movies, handwritten letters, and facing each day with positivity. You’ll find her with her face turned towards the sunlight.

She is a plant-based private chef in Minneapolis working to spread good vibes and good food wherever she lands. She Believed was founded in 2014 and its name was inspired by the popular quote, “She believed she could, and so she did.”

Molly catered her own high school graduation party in 2010 and was inspired to follow her culinary passions. She later attended Rouxbe Cooking School and is now a certified plant-based kitchen professional with several years of plant-based and allergen-friendly cooking behind her.

Her food can be purchased through the iPhone application Homemade where she cooks under the name She Believed in Northeast Minneapolis. She is also available for private parties, personal cooking instruction, weekly meal preparations, meal plans and guided coaching in transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Her passion is taking a meal or a taste memory from her history, or a client’s past, and recreating a more health conscious, plant-based version of that food. She believes that food brings people together, and that most of the best times of our lives include the sharing of food or a beverage with others. She is honored to offer food to nourish both body and soul.

Whether you are looking for the occasional meatless meal, you’re a dedicated vegetarian/vegan or if you really just don’t care what you eat as long as it tastes fantastic – She Believed is serving up plant-based meals that will satisfy any craving!